About Us

Pancreatic cancer is known as the world’s toughest cancer. In fact, it is the third deadliest cancer, on target to become the second by 2030.  Over the past 40+ years, we’ve seen only marginal improvements in survival and yet it remains one of the most overlooked and underfunded cancers.  Too many people are told to go home and get their affairs in order when they receive the devastating diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  PancONE, together with our partners at Pancreatic Cancer Canada, have decided that enough is enough. 

We’ve raised enough sympathy – it is time to raise survival rates.

Our Mission

PancONE aims to disrupt the traditional approach to discovery in pancreatic cancer by bringing together multiple sectors, innovations and novel methods to drive real change.  We’ve waited long enough for the kind of meaningful progress that matters in the lives of those directly affected by this horrendous cancer. 

Survival must increase more rapidly than 1-2% every decade.  If we could change the odds for breast cancer in our lifetime, what is stopping us from doing the same for pancreatic cancer?

PancONE is committed to working with all partners who believe as we do in coming together boldly to change the outcome for the world’s toughest cancer.

Our Leadership

Our leadership consists of a dynamic group of individuals from across North America dedicated to raising the rate of pancreatic cancer survival.
PancONE Network

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PancONE Network is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. PancONE Network’s tax identification number is #84-5185853. Any contributions to the PancONE Network are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

PancONE Network is proud to work in partnership with Pancreatic Cancer Canada