The discovery of pancreatic cancer subtypes has been a significant step forward in our mission to understand more about this disease and treat it better. It also means that this disease is more personal to a patient than we could have imagined – right down to the molecular level.

Because of this, researchers believe the future of treating pancreatic cancer is in personalized medicine, which enables doctors to tailor treatment plans specifically to an individual patient based on disease subtypes and other medical considerations.

Enter PASS-01: an exciting collaboration between a group of the foremost cancer centres in North America focused on exploring personalized medicine in pancreatic cancer using cutting-edge organoid technology.

What is an organoid?

Organoids are an innovative way of providing personalized medicine: created using a patient’s own cancer cells to make a collection of “tumour avatars”, researchers are able to test 30+ treatments on the cancer cells at the same time, enabling them to quickly see which treatment would be most effective for each patient. The efficiency of using organoids is a powerful tool in the fight against pancreatic cancer – a disease that moves so swiftly that patients have no time to waste. PASS-01 will couple this expedited approach with access to novel therapies which will not only result in better treatment decisions for patients in real time, but help doctors make more informed treatment decisions faster on a broad scale in the future. 

Why is this research important?

  • This trial aims to give patients more time and better quality of life
  • Will enable patients access to novel drugs they might not otherwise receive
  • Will support personalized medicine becoming standard of care, giving each pancreatic cancer patient the best possible outcome based on their subtype

An International Effort

PASS-01 represents an important cross-boarder effort between American and Canadian cancer centers and research institutes working together to change the outcome for pancreatic cancer patients. Each center plays a different part in the research process, drawing from their specialties, capacity and focus.

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